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Ashley GENUINE LEATHER Patent Leather

USD $150.00 USD $85.00


Ashley GENUINE LEATHER Patent Leather

(9 customer reviews)
5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings

USD $150.00 USD $85.00

Our highest quality heels! Made with GENUINE patent leather, this one is our store’s best seller.
Available in 3 different heel heights: 12cm, 10cm, and 8cm.

10 & 12 cm heels available:
Cerulean Blue
Aqua Blue
Dark Blue
Neon Yellow

8 cm Heels available

All heels available in 12cm.

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We measure all of our shoes to give you the approximate internal length, so we recommend that you measure your feet before choosing your best size option! There will be a comment area upon check out for you to implement your measurements and we will do the work in making sure you receive the correct size shoe.

We also recommend for you to choose a half size or half size down depending on the shoe style. For example, if you are choosing a pair of boots make room for some socks! Additionally, pointed toe heels will give a little bit less room.

How to measure your feet with Top Rated Shoes for Petite Feet

Because all shoe sizes vary depending on the store, we always recommend first time customers to measure their feet before purchase. Shipping back heels for an exchange can be quite costly! Here we will show you the proper method to measuring your feet.

Equipment Needed:
Pencil or Pen
Your bare foot
Ruler or Measuring Tape

Step One: Sit with one foot firmly on the floor.
Step Two: Trace the outline of your foot without socks if you are purchasing heels, and with socks if you are buying boots.
Step Three: Once you’ve traced your foot, draw a straight line touching the outermost points at the top and bottom.
Step Four: Measure the distance from the bottom line to the top line that you have made.

Congratulations! You have successfully measured the length of your foot. You may insert this upon checkout to ensure the perfect fit. You can provide us the measurements in either inches OR cm

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Please be aware that if you normally wear childrens size, you will be 1 and a half sizes larger in adults size. For example, if you are a children’s size 2, you are an adult’s size 3.5!

Size 1: 19-19.5 cm
Size 1.5: 19.5-20 cm
Size 2: 20-20.5 cm
Size 2.5: 20.5-21 cm
Size 3: 21-21.5 cm
Size 3.5: 21.5-22 cm
Size 4: 22-22.5 cm
Size 4.5: 22.5-23cm
Size 5:
Size 5.5:


Have fun Shopping for Petite Shoes or Large Size Shoes with Top Rated Shoes!


5 5 1
I did not find any complain about these they’re absolutely perfect, I chose the wrong size though I’m usually 9 which is 25 cm but I’m guessing that because of the steepness they’re a little big but they’re perfect!

Make sure to measure

5 5 1
wear this everyday for work. had to return the first pair for an exchange as I chose the wrong size, but measured myself again and got the perfect fit. GIRLS , Dont be lazy and just MEASURE your damn feet!

Mismatched Feet

5 5 1
I have mismatched feet and I have been purchasing two pairs of shoes each time i need a pair of heels from ya’ll… can you guys send me different sizes for left and right foot?????? I love the heels on the site

I Love your Shoes!!!

5 5 1
These are BEAUTIFUL,why in the world can’t these be made in a size 1 and up? The nicer neels are always size 3 to 4 up. Please help out? Thank you? Brenda Parks from LaVergne Tennessee.

Great Quality

5 5 1
The quality that I received far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much I will be purchasing more soon.

Plastic Smell

4 5 1
Other than the plastic small when I first got the heels, I would give this a 5 star.

Shipping Times

4 5 1
I just have to say thank you so much for existing. I’ve been trying to look for heels that fit my size 2 feet for what seems like forever and these fit so perfectly. Just wish you had more shoes that can fit a size 2! The only problem is I wish they shipped faster.


5 5 1
So impressed... definitely ordering again ... thanks so much

The best website ever for petite shoes

5 5 1
When I got my first shot from top rated shoes i couldn’t believe I thought I was dreaming it fits perfectly. Thank you guys so much. God bless to continue doing so amazing job


5 5 1
Thank you guys for much, I always wanted heels for my size 2 feet, I just wish there more shoes items of this size..

Need more Styles

4 5 1
When are you getting more styles? I need the type you use to go to work, not just party heels.

Super comfy

5 5 1
Got the Aaron style in black and loved how they felt. Now I have nearly all the colours!! Red black white just missing pink.

Late shipping

2 5 1
I haven’t received my shoes and the shipping time is from 9-14 days and it’s been more than two weeks and I still haven’t received my shoes and I have an upcoming wedding and my life depends on those shoes


5 5 1
I just received my shoes and they are perfect!!! Will definitely be a regular customer from now on!

Love this site

4 5 1
I am very happy with both my purchases ! I have had both pairs for three years now and they are still in very neat condition. Happy for this website , the only con was to get to the USA it took about a month but besides that everything else went smooth

Sweeeet man!!

5 5 1
These actually thankfully came early because I really needed them. I need to plan better next time but anyway, they are made great, super sparkly, really high, fantastic and everything I was hoping for. My feet do slide down in them too far but I feel like any smaller wouldn’t feel right. Nothing in life is ever perfect though. I’ll make it work. I’m very picky so I guess you could say I’m hard to please :/ but I’m kinda obsessed with these shoes and now I would very much love to buy like 2 more pairs. Lol.


5 5 1
I love these shoes so much but I do really wish they had these exact ones with closed toed as well as I like both and my feet don’t slip forward too much.


5 5 1
I am 22 years old and I wear a size 2 in kids. THIS SITE IS THE BEST EVER!!!! I bought a pair of Mary brand boots and my name actually starts with an M but I was not expecting the gold plated 'M' attached to the right boot. It was a perfect fit and I would definitely buy more shoes here in the future.
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This one is a best seller, no competition!

Additional information


3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Nude, Black, Yellow, White, Fuschia, Pink, Red, Wine Red, Cerulean Blue, Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Neon Yellow

Heel Height

8cm, 10cm, 12cm

9 reviews for Ashley GENUINE LEATHER Patent Leather

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jordan H

    Although i wanted the 10cm and had to settle for the 12cm, these shoes are AMAZING! first purchase I’ve made on this site and these shoes are everything and more! ORDER ORDER ORDER! So nice, fast shipping and good quality!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    5 star no doubt very comfy and expensive looking shoe.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cordelia A

    The shoes are very good quality! and the red bottom is so smooth 🙂 It came within 19 days so I’m very happy :)However the only problem is It is a bit too tight in the toes, so I am working on loosening it. I definitely recommend these shoes! … just buy a size up

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love love love best site ever the shoes are excellent do you hear me!!! Excellent communication with the Emily the live chat assistant,the shoe quality is excellent good n strong material,only bad thing just one it didn’t come with a dust bag! but fuck it who cares next week I will be ordering the nude color !!! YOU ARE THR BEST

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    In love! This took two day to process. Two days to ship out. Then the shipment arrived here in Colorado about 12 days later! I got the nude patent 12cm pigalle pump. Came in perfect condition besides one little wrinkling on the end of a heel. I am a U.S. 7.5 shoe and got the 38 and these were perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. They are a little hard to walk in because they are so high but it’s worth it!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I did not find any complain about these they’re absolutely perfect, I chose the wrong size though I’m usually 9 which is 25 cm but I’m guessing that because of the steepness they’re a little big but they’re perfect!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Oh my God! The shoes are amazing! The are so comfortable too. Ordered the same size I usually wear and they fit perfectly! Love them!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy A

    Shoes look better than I expected. I’m ordering more as soon as I get done typing this review!!! I ordered the 10cm in nude and black. (Don’t forget to peel plastic layer off the bottom on the shoe)

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received my shoes today, and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I ordered a black pair and a nude pair both 100mm, and boy they are perfect! The boxes are in good condition although they both look slightly different. I received a white dustbag with the black pair of shoes for some odd reason but I’m not too bothered. The shipping was really fast, wasn’t expecting them for another week and a half! I bought the black pair for my friends birthday and I think she will LOVE them as much as I do! 100% buying from this site again, couldn’t be happier!

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