5 Ways to Make your Legs Look Longer

Being petite is not a bad thing at all, however sometimes it would not hurt to appear a little taller! One of the most important things is learning how to make what you have work for you.  (If this is what you’re going for) A lot of us at the Top Rated Shoes office have this problem. However, celebrities such as Kourney Kardashian (5’1″) , Lady Gaga (5’1″), Reese Witherspoon (5’1″) seem to make themselves look a lot taller than they actually are!

Here are 5 tips that we have come up with at the Top Rated Shoes office!


Tip 1

Wear high waisted pants and skirts. Wearing bottoms that start above your waist will help to elongate your legs by creating an impression that your legs start where your waist does.

petite high waisted skirt

Tip 2:

Choose Nude Heels close to your skin tone, and try to stick with sleek pointy-toe heels. These will do wonders for your legs! Try to avoid ankle-strapped or round-toe heels as these will tend to divide your leg, making them appear shorter.

petite nude heels size 2



Tip 3:

Choose Vertical Patterns. Vertical lines and details will draw the line up and down, resulting in additional length. Wear dresses or skirts with straight creases to appear taller! A maxi dress paired with heels will help to achieve this effect wonderfully.

high waist petite skirt top rated shoes

Tip 4:

Tuck in your shirts! Longer blouses or tops will shorten your legs, making you seem shorter than you really are. Tuck in your tops to your skirt or pants to appear taller.

tuck in shirt petite


Tip 5:

Wear boots or wedges with a platform and color blend! In the winter, it is difficult to always wear high heels to achieve a taller effect. Wear booties or wedges in the winter with the same colored pants to appear several inches taller without looking like you are trying too hard!


A good method is also to copy the styles of other petite celebrities! Choose someone whose style you LOVE and see what they are wearing. It’s usually pretty shocking to find out that some of the most popular celebrities are also petite.


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