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How to Measure your Feet

How to measure your feet with Top Rated Shoes for Petite Feet!

Because all shoe sizes vary depending on the store, we always recommend first time customers to measure their feet before purchase. Shipping back heels for an exchange can be quite costly! Here we will show you the proper method to measuring your feet.

Equipment Needed:
Pencil or Pen
Your bare foot
Ruler or Measuring Tape

Step One: Sit with one foot firmly on the floor.
Step Two: Trace the outline of your foot without socks if you are purchasing heels, and with socks if you are buying boots.
Step Three: Once you’ve traced your foot, draw a straight line touching the outermost points at the top and bottom.
Step Four: Measure the distance from the bottom line to the top line that you have made.

Congratulations! You have successfully measured the length of your foot. You may insert this upon checkout to ensure the perfect fit. You can provide us the measurements in either inches OR cm

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Please be aware that if you normally wear childrens size, you will be 1 and a half sizes larger in adults size. For example, if you are a children’s size 2, you are an adult’s size 3.5!

Size 1: 19 cm
Size 1.5: 19.5 cm
Size 2: 20 cm
Size 2.5: 20.5 cm
Size 3: 21 cm
Size 3.5: 21.5 cm
Size 4: 22 cm
Size 4.5: 22.5cm
Size 5: 23cm
Size 5.5: 23.5cm
Size 6: 24cm
Size 6.5: 24.5cm
Size 7: 25cm
Size 7.5: 25.5cm
Size 8: 26cm
Size 8.5: 26.5cm
Size 9: 27cm
Size 9.5: 27.5cm
Size 10: 28cm
Size 10.5: 28.5cm
Size 11: 29cm
Size 11.5: 29.5cm
Size 12: 30cm
Size 12.5: 30.5cm
Size 13: 31cm
Size 13.5: 31.5cm
Size 14: 32cm
Size 14.5: 32.5cm
Size 15: 33cm

Have fun Shopping for Petite Shoes or Large Size Shoes with Top Rated Shoes!