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Shop Petite Feet or Large Feet Shoes. Size US 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and up. Half Sizes Available. Sandals, Platforms, Wedges and Flats.

Your one stop shop for petite feet or large feet shoes! is a company based in Vancouver BC, started by a group of young girls who have a passion for fashionable high heels. We noticed that it was hard to find fashionable heels (With our size) in stores, so searched the globe for the most unique and fashionable heels without breaking your wallet! We have girls on our team wearing anywhere from size 1-5 heels, so we understand how devastating it can be when you find the perfect pair of pumps – only to see that they are too big for your petite feet.

For over 5 years, we have been a Canadian leader for women’s petite fashion footwear. Our sizes range from custom sized (even size 1!) up to extra large sizes up to size 16. We sell petite heels & platforms, petite ankle boots, petite flats, petite sandals and more! So whether you need ladies shoes size 3, or ladies petite heels size 2, you should be able to find your petite heels on our shop online. (We have over 700 products!) We also have some custom crafted heels. Shipping is FREE worldwide for a limited time only! For any help with sizing or other inquiries, talk to our live chat assistant or leave us an email at Follow us on INSTAGRAM at topratedshoes and enter to win prizes.